The Slippers Show: Episode 4

If you did not already do so back at E2, before you read this Episode Guide or listen to this show, take this test (five minutes or so, not affiliated with The Slippers Show in any way) If you take it after listening you will skew your results, so do it before. Did you take the […]

The Slippers Show: Episode 3

1.WC Slippers is very worried about plastic. Which is strange because he is a right-wing loon that wants the planet to implode (according to EC Slippers). Hilarity ensues when the lads discover that, in spite of ample prior planning, the format of the show has become confused. 2. Again, bizarrely, WC Slippers, the right-wing foil, […]

The Slippers Show: Episode 2

Before you read this episode guide or listen to the podcast, we suggest that you take this test  (five minutes or so, not affiliated with The Slippers Show in any way): This is the Meta Episode. In other words, why do the Team Slippers guys think that they should be entitled to burgle your time? What […]