The Slippers boys discuss China. WC Slippers contends that China is an existential threat to the Western hegemony. To bolster his position he lists debt-trap diplomacy, military aggression (think South China Sea), One Belt/One Road, IP theft, and mercantile practices. EC Slippers asks for proof of a legitimate threat rather than another harebrained right-wing conspiracy.

The China articles that are covered are from The New York Times and can be linked to here.

The video of Bill Clinton that West Coast Slippers alludes to seems to be this one.

There is talk about life expectancy in the United States, some clarity can be found here.

China’s debt can be a little difficult to pin down. Part of the confusion emerges from what one means by “debt”? Are you asking about the government’s debt, or the debt of the population and business entities, or both combined? What about difficult to track debt that is “off balance-sheet”? Here are some reports from Bloomberg (which some claim is a reasonably reputable source for economic stuff):