1.WC Slippers is very worried about plastic. Which is strange because he is a right-wing loon that wants the planet to implode (according to EC Slippers). Hilarity ensues when the lads discover that, in spite of ample prior planning, the format of the show has become confused.

2. Again, bizarrely, WC Slippers, the right-wing foil, is outraged that so few own so much and suggests that it’s a scam and is probably responsible for all of the alarming populism and nativism we’ve all been hearing so many rumblings about of late.

East Coast Slippers mentions a report that the United States is experiencing the greatest wealth disparity since the Gilded Age. Here it is, NZ Herald to avoid The Washington Post paywall.

At one pont East Coast Slippers launches into a top-of-the-head discussion about credit card interest rates. His numbers turn out to not be perfectly accurate (he’s close, but not dead on). these two links will clear any confusion up:

South Dakota eliminates usury laws

It gets much worse that 29.9 percent

Also, when East Coast Slippers said that he was behind six proxies, he meant to say that he is behind seven (he went back and counted).

3. Perhaps unsurprisingly, The Slipper’s Boys are unable to fully debate the surveillance technology kerfuffle because East Coast Slippers refuses to accept the validity of the source that West Coast Slippers quotes: The Washington Post. More accurately, East Coast just refused to pay to read the article as The Post is owned by the richest man in the world. WC Slippers strenuously disagrees with that logic (illogic?). A spirited exchange about the internet and its origins and utility follows.