The Slippers Show: Episode 10

SUMMARY BY WEST COAST SLIPPERS: This Olympic-sized episode is the first in a set of three wherein Team Slippers painstakingly reviews an article written on by Justin Peters about the Joe Rogan podcast series. If you saw Magnolia at the theatre back in the 90s (or perhaps on your Sony Betamax), you may recognize […]

The Slippers Show: Episode 9

SUMMARY BY WEST COAST SLIPPERS: Well, we had to do it because it was a very significant event and we are claiming to be a news and politics podcast. The New Zealand Mosque shooting is our topic for the episode. Obviously, as close to the event as we discussed it, our intent was to thoughtful […]

The Slippers Show: Episode 8

SUMMARY BY WEST COST SLIPPERS: On this episode the Slipper’s boys take on political tolerance. Can it be taken too far? WC generally preaches tollerance and that being nice will be more likely to be effective. EC Slippers asks: Must we suffer fools? And shall we endure the willfully ignorant or the insane? WC Slippers […]