For those of you who think the Slippers boys are just pals who chit chat: hold the freakin phone. Ok, I may be over-hyping the actual content but you could tell they were about ready to start yelling.

ECS posits that English and Dutch intel suggest that The Russians sought to influence the 2016 election. WCS Slippers, duh.

ECS boldly proclaims that WCS willfully denies the evidence that Trump and Co conspired with The Ruskies despite overwhelmingly evidence and is possibly insane. For the record, while gentlemanly in demeanor, WCS strenuously disagrees with this characterization.

ECS Slippers also notes that the Russian Dossier is irrefutable and that WCS is a moron for not agreeing….WCS would note that Cohen noted yesterday that he’d never been to Prague and he had no direct evidence that Trump collude with Russia. WCS smirks. And then smirks again…because of course the Russian Trump Dossier is not verified. According to James Comey.

WCS also notes that WCS is a flat earth simpleton who can’y help believing because of his malfunctioning brain. WCS, hmm, uh huh.

This is the intermission because the Slippers boys start going all over the place and debate the China risk, Mueller as anti-christ (WCS posits), the ruling class and their hubris, and Obamas adorable habit of ruling by pen and blackberry, and whether or not the president should be the only executive…and other stuff.




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[if you are in a rush just scroll halfway down the page to the section captioned “The Administration”]


Things West Coast Slippers said that I wish I had seized on (in my defense there was an amazing amount of nonsense flying from his side and I did pick up on a fair bit of it). For best results, listen to the episode before you read this and see how many of these you pick up on:


  1. His description of an upper-crust that moves ahead and through privilege goes to the “right” schools and then on to rule the planet directly describes the path that Trump, a spoiled and selfish child who never grew up, took (except for the good grades part). I should have pounced all over that.


  1. His tu quoque pivot to Obama. That’s classic for a conservative who hasn’t got a leg on which to stand–make it about Bill Clinton, HRC, or Obama. I’m surprised he doesn’t drag in FDR more often and it was stupid of me to let it go. Just like the other irrelevancies (the Page/Szork affair; who paid for The Dossier?), it is the most common of red herrings. But what about Her emails, right Slips?


  1. Having a panel for the presidency will not improve things if everyone on the panel is a lunatic and makes horrible choices. It is not difficult to find three, nine, or one hundred treasonous Republicans who will carry Putin’s water and march in lockstep as the crash the U.S. into the rocks while enriching themselves so just having a panel is not going to change things. The Constitution that The Framers put in place aimed for the three branches to check each other. Over a couple of centuries, we have drifted too far toward a unitary executive who wields too much power and a weak, Republican-led Congress that has midwifed the current abomination of a Russian-controlled system into being


  1. The Glen Simpson stuff. I have attached an article that makes sense of his meeting with Veselnitskaya. Astonishing sense, really. Why wouldn’t someone working on investigating Russian meddling want to meet with a Kremlin agent? It does not mean that she worked for Simpson, it just means that he’s a good investigator. From the linked NYT article:


Mr. Simpson was in court with Ms. Veselnitskaya hours before the Trump Tower meeting and saw her again shortly after it, his lawyer, Joshua A. Levy, confirmed. But these contacts were related to Mr. Simpson’s work on the case for BakerHostetler, Mr. Levy said, and Fusion only learned about the Trump Tower meeting in news reports last year.


  1. At one point WC Slippers’s makes a blithe assertion that there is no evidence of a Trump/Russia connection in the same breath as he concedes that Manafort (Trump’s GD Campaign Manager) is a Russian agent. How is that not EXACTLY the type of connection that he claims he needs to see to come around on this? The res ipsa loquitur of it all is enough to make one’s head spin. Moreover, one cannot overlook Trump’s own direct meetings with Putin with only a U.S. State Department translator–one who is herself a Russian to boot (nothing at all suspicious about that so just move along people!).


  1. The elaborate kabuki with Putin announcing pretend ICBM targets in the U.S. is just that: Elaborate kabuki worthy of a WWE event.


  1. Slippers (as usual) pretending that all rich people only supported HRC. I have no idea where he gets that from other than he has mainly lived in largely liberal enclaves so he assumes that therefore that’s how it is in all places at all times, and that also a lot of people will not be truthful when talking politics so just because someone claims to be a Democrat in public doesn’t meant that they follow through at the ballot box (or that they even vote at all). Plenty of disgustingly rich people (other than Putin) supported Trump and the clear majority of the ultra-wealthy in this country are Republicans.

So, wrong again, friend-O.


  1. Ultimately the plans are hidden, but they are quite easy to sense. The Democrats don’t really want to impeach trump, they want to run against a badly damaged incumbent whose wounds are too severe to allow his victory. Russia will mainly aim to dash the Democrat hopes for victory by splitting the herd with one or more third-party candidates. The Republicans plan to keep Trump around because a. the Russians also hacked the RNC so they have all of their secrets (every felony, every secret mistress abortion, every murdered busboy)and, b. they will keep on passing horrible anti-environment deregulation, tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy, scuttling government healthcare, and running up the deficit, and a series of fascist federal judges and then when the whole system starts to really fall apart they will conveniently just blame Trump and throw him to the dogs. It’s a great plan except for the part at the end where the Nation falls into ruins and everyone dies an awful death as the world collapses into a pile of flaming ashes.

–East Coast Slippers