I’m not gonna lie to you, this is The Slippers Show that you’ll tell your children that you listened to at work while pretending to do the 3rd installment of the new FCPA compliance module of the new e-learning platform. Xanadu. No, not the Olivia Newton John movie in the 70’s that brilliantly flopped. Xanadu, no, not the Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem you had to read in your east coast prep school sophomore English class. But Xanadu, Ted Nelson’s (Ted Who?) visionary plan for the best version of the internet and his corresponding four truths:

1. Most Authority is Malevolent.

2. Most People are Fools.

3. There is no God.

4. Everything is Wrong.

Wait, what? Yes, this episode will cover suspicions of authority, the nature of those that would seek to wield power, our friend Ted Nelson, and the idea that the best way to elect public officials is by lottery. Again, wait, what?


At one point we discuss a decine in life expectancy in some counties in the the U.S. Here is a link for that:

People In these US Counties are at risk of dying early