SUMMARY BY WEST COAST SLIPPERS: On this episode of The Slippers Show, EC Slippers and his compatriot, WC Slippers discuss the U.S. healthcare conundrum, actuary science, personal responsibility, the potential utility of social ranking scores (doubtful, but “what if?”), the purpose and nature of persuasion, and a winding daydream pondering the average person’s ability to back off of their favorite, pet position. You will not be graded.

More specifically, EC Slippers presents his testimony about the somewhat accidental rise of the U.S. health care system and its current shortcomings (including the allocation of resources and the undeniable presence of interests whose bottom line perhaps non-maliciously thwarts the possibility of a better managed alternative). Both members of Team Slips agree that those who cannot pay through no fault of their own yet find themselves in need of care should be helped. There is then discussion regarding those that make knowingly bad choices for their own health, yet wish no pay no more than those who make better choices.

The final segment is sort of like Flann O’Brien’s “The Third Policeman”: the Slippers Boys lead you to believe that you’ll be treated to a serious discussion on the potential merits of assigning a social score (like China–WC Slippers almost couldn’t get past that, but played along with this thought experiment for the good of the listeners…listeners, ha! that’s rich) but then digress into an almost incomprehensible stream of consciousness musings on the limits of arguing with those with whom you differ. They wander down that path so far that they literally argue about whether or not the world is flat or spherical. EC Slippers seems sure it’s round.