SUMMARY BY WEST COST SLIPPERS: On this episode the Slipper’s boys take on political tolerance. Can it be taken too far? WC generally preaches tollerance and that being nice will be more likely to be effective.

EC Slippers asks: Must we suffer fools? And shall we endure the willfully ignorant or the insane?

WC Slippers retorts that there are those who are sincere and misinforned whom are a product of their geography and their upbringing…who should be heard out and entreated rather than belittled. And their insights, mainly divinely inspired must be taken at face value rather than as pure folly. Because dissing them is rhetorically ineffective.

The talk  moves onto the illogical; what shall we do with those with untenable racist positions?

And then some additional points are made that sort of follow the initial concerns.

Nothing is really resolved.