SUMMARY BY WEST COAST SLIPPERS: Well, we had to do it because it was a very significant event and we are claiming to be a news and politics podcast.

The New Zealand Mosque shooting is our topic for the episode.

Obviously, as close to the event as we discussed it, our intent was to thoughtful and respectful to those in mourning and to decry the murderer, whose name we choose not to dignify in print.

EC Slippers maintained his measured logical approach with respect to mass shootings, their origins, and the fallout that they create.

WC Slippers took an alternate approach, noting that many recent attacks on immigrants should really be referred to as attacks on refugees.

WC Slippers notes that many refugees differ from immigrants as the refugees were displaced due to U.S. foreign policy (think Iran 1953, where it all went wrong).

A real journalist would probably lament that we played it too safe, perhaps trying too hard not to offend. WC Slippers can live with that. I can’t speak for EC Slippers but I would imagine that he concurs.