SUMMARY BY WEST COAST SLIPPERS: This Olympic-sized episode is the first in a set of three wherein Team Slippers painstakingly reviews an article written on by Justin Peters about the Joe Rogan podcast series.

If you saw Magnolia at the theatre back in the 90s (or perhaps on your Sony Betamax), you may recognize this as a piece that swings for the fences but ultimately fails (or at worst winds up looking like a pretentious, experimental film school disaster. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to decide which it is).

As the back in forth is as witty as it is dense (you also must decide whether or not this is a double entendre) we were forced to note a few of the “highlights” in “bullet format” like corporate shills at the national sales meeting in Tampa (and the numbers were waaaay down):

— One of the Slippers Boys actually knew Joe Rogan back in the day;

— Our present scourge: deplaforming, or (in Rocky and Bullwinkle style) maybe deplatforming jerks represents a public good;

— What should the limits of free speech on social media be? Alas, we may dwell on this a tad too long;

— The perils of criticizing religion and or any non-western culture–and why criticizing western loons gets a green light but disparaging non-western loons is often verboten; and,

— Some musings on the current death sentence that is taking out the opposition via pronouncing them racist, sexist, or homophobic: the triumvirate of the cult of identity politics.

Of course the aforementioned only represent a sliver of the erudition contained in this piece of pseudo-journalistic criticism.