SUMMARY BY WEST COAST SLIPPERS: This is Part Deux of the Justin Peters take-down piece of The Joe Rogan Experience and quite frankly this thing goes off the rails at the end.

Initially, Team Slips note the tactics that Mr. Peters employs to belittle, demean, and discredit Mr. Rogan not for being merely an atypical arbitrator of our mad times, a “common man” willing to provide a platform for the non-conventional wisdom crowd, but ratherfor being an evil, racist, sexist, anti-intellectual svengali who slyly tricks his guests (whom he plies with drugs, alcohol, and three-hour interviews) to proclaim their true depraved beliefs for viewers who lap up the milky vitriol like kittens.

Mr. Peters then informs us–without any tender of evidence of course–that in fact all guests are really just shameless hucksters either hocking wares or heresy and readers invited to laugh at them for daring to debate wokeness, PC culture, and really any skepticism against the unstated tenants of Mr. Peters orthodoxy (that of course mirrors that of his Slate readership). WC Slippers suspects that he would be picked near-last for kickball under these rules (in spite of his shapely calves).

Somewhat unexpectedly, that leads to a five round boxing match between EC and WC that cannot really be described but you are free to pick the winner based on your own biased viewpoint.