SUMMARY BY WEST COAST SLIPPERS (ghostwritten by East Coast Slippers): Of course we had to say something about this lulz-fest.

[as one would expect, YouTube took the original video down so we now have to link you to a mirror]

That foul-mouthed junior psychopath bills herself as “Soph” (formerly “Lt. Corbis”) and she’s more fun then a barrel of ebola-spitting cobras (a modification of an idiom that admittedly establishes a pretty low bar for what “fun” is). The notion of trying to harness her fractured take on life captivated our attention, so we decided to dedicate a show to examining her already trademarked brand of dyspeptic kvetching. Actually, although a lot of it is toxic by design, we both think it’s fairly amusing on a whole as she manages to pepper some pretty funny moments among her various incendiary rants. As WC observed, “It’s like if Lenny Bruce was reincarnated as an edgy, adolescent protofascist shiksa with a (hopefully) curable chromosomal disorder.” We suggest that you check out at least enough of the source video to get the drift, and then enjoy our deconstruction of it all. What a world, amirite?

Also, as part of his ongoing and subconscious effort to sabotage the show, WC keeps making references during our podcast to a different Soph video that only he watched. Internally confused, EC tries to play along and does a reasonable job of not blowing the whole thing up. Here’s the link to that low-key genius trainwreck that only WC had seen, if you’re curious.