SUMMARY BY WEST COAST SLIPPERS (ghostwritten by East Coast Slippers): This episode is Part One of a deep dive into an article by Adrian Pabst that ran in The New Statesman in May of 2019. WC is gaga over it whereas EC is largely unimpressed. The article’s main thesis is that the hopes that the United States had for ongoing world dominance based on the spread of liberal democratic norms have faded and that Russia and China are on the rise with their “civilizational” claims to legitimacy now destined to triumph. EC finds Pabst’s entire approach to be conclusory and ponders where Russia and China will wind up after leadership transitions occur. While he firmly believes that another Trump victory will indeed spell the end of the Rule of Law in the United States and effectively doom the Nation, he is unwilling to concede that Russia and China can just “run the table” moving forward and get all that they want without question. Ultimately, his position is that the United States is its own worst enemy and any unraveling of the west will be by our own hand.