SUMMARY BY WEST COAST SLIPPERS (ghostwritten by East Coast Slippers): We are positively whipping through the Adrian Pabst “China, Russia and the return of the civilisational state” article from New Statesman at a dizzyingly high rate of speed. I think that we actually make it through two entire paragraphs this round. But keep in mind, The Slippers Show is not a books-on-tape program. We work through these articles in an unhurried fashion that respects the ideas that they present and allows thoughtful commentary. Mind you, we still trash a lot of those ideas, but we do so at a pace that is reflective and permits careful deliberation.

TBH, I dreaded editing this thing and put it off for almost a week because I feared that it was redundant to the previous episode. But once I got into it, I actually sort of liked it and I am overall kind of happy with how it turned out. Anywho, give it a listen. Both of us get our points in, and a few of them even seem to stand up to limited scrutiny, so we have that going for us, which is nice.