SUMMARY BY WEST COAST SLIPPERS (ghostwritten by East Coast Slippers): Corona-Chan (a.k.a. Covid-19 (SARS coronavirus 2, or SARS-CoV-2) is the topic de jour.

Johns Hopkins has the best tracker, find it here.

Some of the points that are made herein go to this article, and this one and EC also refers to the website where all of the infectious disease nerds hangout. The gist of it boils down to neither of the Slippers Boys sees this outbreak as “The Big One” so far, but neither is fundamentally opposed to stocking up on some necessary supplies to be ahead of the game if things start to come unglued. It seems that some regions will be able to “flatten the curve” while the medical systems of other may get overwhelmed. Efforts to prep for general mayhem should be made wisely, and EC observes that a lot of people just want to spend money (on items like firearms), but not invest time in training (so that they might be able to, you know, hit a target in a stressful situation). After this episode was posted this article appeared and it goes a long way to explaining why there is so much potential for this thing to go sideways, even if it may have looked trivial to begin with.

trump’s response seems to be to screw the pooch as pubically as possible for no good reason. Has he shorted the market massively and now wants it to all blow-up? Perhaps, because if I wanted to steer the economy into the rocks, I’d be creating a crisis of leadership at a critical juncture just like he is. In any event, we are at a significant moment. It is difficult to see how the administration will maintain if the economy craters or if the virus does infect 100MM or more Americans, as some models predict. In E25 I’ll have to ask WC how we can get reparations some out of china. I’ll suggest that at the very least we can inform them that because their irresponsible behaviors created a global pandemic, the U.S. is no longer obligated to pay back any of the debt that they are now holding. He’ll love that I am guessing.