SUMMARY BY WEST COAST SLIPPERS (ghostwritten by East Coast Slippers): Recent reporting The Globe and Mail by Mark Schiefelbein (byline The Associated Press)–“WHO’s early coronavirus response raises awkward questions about Beijing relationship” raises some troubling questions about what China knew and when with respect to the dangers posed by the outbreak that began in Wuhan. Most concerning is that China used its influence to spread disinformation about the threat level and continued to allow travelers to spread all over the globe at the same time as they sealed off the Hubei region from internal travel. It is difficult to understand why that willful decision to expose the rest of the planet to the disease is not a frontpage scandal 24/7.

Also, noted in the episode is this quote from WHO’s Senior Advisor to the Director-General Doctor Bruce Aylward:

          “The big question is, are they [China] hiding things? No, they are not.

Which appeared in the article “China’s cases of COVID-19 are finally declining. A WHO expert explains why” by Julia Belluz. It appears that Dr. Aylward’s comment is difficult to square with the facts as we now know them.

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