SUMMARY BY WEST COAST SLIPPERS (ghostwritten by East Coast Slippers): The following articles are considered:

It’s not just Trump who’s angry at China” from The Washington Post;

China’s bid to repair its coronavirus-hit image is backfiring in the West” also from The Washington Post; and,

Consider the Possibility That Trump Is Right About China” from The Atlantic.

Both EC &WC are pretty pissed at China and more specifically at the CCP. For all intents and purposes, China has murdered the global economy and there must be a reckoning. With regard to the idea that Trump was “right” on China, EC maintains that it was akin to guessing at the answer on an exam and getting it right by luck. Trump is a xenophobe and a racist so of course, he was happy to take the public position that they are the enemy. In his personal dealings, he and his family have always been more than happy to do business with China (i.e., make money from while screwing over the American worker). Ample documentation of Trumps long and loving relationship with Chinese manufacturing can be found: here, here, here, here, and here.

WC mentions this 2009 article from WIRED:

Apocalypse Not: Behind the Swine Flu Hysteria

and this article on Smithfield’s sale to China’s biggest meat processor, Shuanghui International Holdings:

Was Smithfield Foods Sold to China?

EC Make reference to China’s evolving capacity to make its own microprocessors, an assertion that he finds support for here and here.