test show 7

SUMMARY BY EAST COAST SLIPPERS: In a world gone mad, EC & TBD try to understand why Democrats are so chickensh*t scared to prosecute acts of terrorism and open treason.

test show 6

SUMMARY BY EAST COAST SLIPPERS:EC & TBD crank it up again, this time getting obsesso over different logical fallacies and how arguing with NPCs is a waste of time. The ultimate question is “Why does it have to be so difficult?” and the ultimate answer is “It doesn’t have to be, but it just is.” […]

test show 5

SUMMARY BY EAST COAST SLIPPERS: East Coast and  TBD get into the ways that almost everyone on the political Left ignores the reality that people on the Right may feel actual disgust when, for example, contemplating sexual reassignment or fear when seeing a representation of African Americans protesting. While those responses are not well-grounded, they […]