test show 10

SUMMARY BY EAST COAST SLIPPERS: TBD & EC hit the double-digit club in a barn burner of a humdinger of a who’s-a-ma-whatsis. It’s kind of the return of the Putatively Unpopluar Opinions trope from E8. Here they rag on stuff like Obama, limits on right-to-choose laws, people who camp, and Democrats (just the white ones). […]

test show 9

SUMMARY BY EAST COAST SLIPPERS: We start out kinda meta, asking “Who are we?” and “Why are we doing a show?” We conclude that it is fun to have a show and that it might also be fun to have an audience we move on and talk about show mechanics and that we need to […]

test show 8

SUMMARY BY EAST COAST SLIPPERS: Unpopular Opinions (or Popular Opinions that are masquerading as unpopular opinions for the sake of the show). It is an old trope, but tbd & EC put their own spin on it and turn it into something new and exciting.