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test show 15

SUMMARY BY EAST COAST SLIPPERS: The one where EC & TBD mess up big  time. Welp, we really screwed the pooch on this one.  Nixon had his “missing” section of tape and this on is our Watergate, if not our Waterloo. A little bit  of editing magic may have saved the entire reel from getting […]

test show 14

SUMMARY BY EAST COAST SLIPPERS: It’s the nostalgia episode and that leads TBD and East Coast to share stories about reckless and irresponsible sporting activities in which they have each participated. It’s actually a good bit more interesting than that description makes it all sound. I think. I hope. Anyway, back to hardcore political doomerism […]

test show 13

SUMMARY BY EAST COAST SLIPPERS: TBD plugs the Beiber single and East Coast stares at her agape. They also talk about everything the Democrats get wrong (which is a lot) and the fact that people who go into politics are almost all unhinged psychopaths.