She is mysterious. She is elusive. She is inscrutable. All of which leads us to ask: Can anybody actually “know” TBD? Not kidding. In fact, have any of you ever met TBD? Like really. For real. In real life. The truth is that we are now at a point in time where we have to face to fact that she could well be computer-generated AI. Or perhaps she isn’t just a few lines of hastily slapped together computer code (likely base 256 assembly language that is expressed in octal or hexadecimal); perhaps she is merely a mass delusion that we are all somehow simultaneously sharing in common. Indeed, the supposition that she nothing but an assortment of prerecorded vowel- and consonant-sounds that are being sequenced to produce intelligible words and sentences must currently be classified as “Not yet disproven.” Sadly, our only remaining choice is to confront a harsh reality:  Given the slippery nature of knowledge, we will most likely never be able to establish TBD’s existence. Even theorizing about her in this blurb is creating an impenetrable maze of rippling philosophical conundrums. Just as one cannot think the unthinkable, likewise one cannot know the unknowable; QED actually establishing that TBD is an authentic carbon-based terrestrial lifeform is not possible.