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West Coast Slipper
West Coast Slippers

[To be read with the chorus from John Cougar Mellencamp’s classic anti-authority screed “The Authority Song” playing on infinite loop in the background]

West Coast Slippers argued with authority from an early age–not understanding why those in power had been granted said power in the first place (something that he still doesn’t get). As that is not an important question to those in authority, things did not  go for well for the plucky, young go-getter. A lot of authority figures, one will notice, don’t like being questioned or challenged about anything.

So, in a surprise move, West Coast Slippers then totally sold-out and joined the oppressors by hatching a scheme to make enough money to live in a walled castle on the hill from whence he could chuckle at the peasants struggling to survive on the floodplain below. That also turned out to be an exercise in folly, as gaining a little power proved illuminating not in the kind of way where one shines golden from a light within, but more in the way that a harsh metaphysical fluorescent lamp causes one’s psychological cockroaches to scuttle under the fridge of one’s the soul. As Homer Simpson once intoned: “Let us never speak of the shortcut again.”

In West Coast Slipper’s latest and perhaps grandest delusion, he’s convinced himself that The Slippers Show will takeoff and  that soon several (and maybe one day even dozens of people–dozens!) will be hanging on his every contrarian word. Although the odds against that happening are long, West Coast Slippers is coming at things with a can-do attitude and a fistfuls of industrial strength pharmacologicals so anything seems possible (at least until the inevitable crash). After that he’ll pick himself up, dust himself off, and go back to getting by on being just a good looking rebel who lives by his own rules.

Speaking of handsomeness, East Coast Slippers reminds listeners that West Coast Slippers is available on most weekends for bookings as a Patrick Bateman impersonator (although he flexes mostly toward the spiffy looks and knowing smirk than the cold-blooded, hooker murdering side of the role . . . mostly). Both the real life entity that he is and the fictional entity that West Coast Slippers channels from time to time are exceptionally unreliable narrators in East Coast Slipper’s estimation, but it is also obivous that both can also really wear the hell out of a thick-weave Hugo Boss suit with windowpane overplaid. West Coast Slippers adds that he would love to stay and talk, but he really has to run and return some video-tapes and then check some dubs (before having dinner at Dorsia).

–East Coast Slippers